Kay Runyan with Shalynn Soria, certified nursing assistant

Kay Runyan had not been able to stand up or transfer herself from one surface to another since a stroke left her weak.


Runyan came to Life Care Center of Idaho Falls, Idaho, for skilled nursing care on March 27, 2017. In April, she began working with physical and occupational therapy to change her mobility. Therapists met with her five times a week to do transfer training and sit-to-stand training, strengthening the muscles she would need in order to complete those motions.


“She has made significant progress from using a sit-to-stand lift for transfers to being able to transfer by a squat and pivot to a chair using a transfer pole,” said Curtis Jacobson, director of rehab. “This has made such a difference in her life. She is so excited to be able to stand and do more for herself.”


“I just love working with therapy,” Runyan said. “It has helped me to realize my potential and feel like I can accomplish more.”


Runyan completed therapy on June 23.