Gladys Jerome with Curtis Jacobson, director of rehab

On Feb. 7, 2019, Gladys Jerome came to Life Care Center of Idaho Falls, Idaho, unable to walk.


Jerome had been living at home with her family, walking with the help of a walker and her family’s assistance for transferring and self-care activities. However, a cervical disc disorder with myelopathy (spinal cord damage) eventually debilitated her to the point she could not even stand without total assistance.


This progressive neuromuscular condition does not allow her to coordinate movements normally and created a significant barrier to her recovery. Physical therapists focused on helping Jerome overcome that barrier and worked on balance, range of motion, coordination and gait.


“Gladys was determined to get through the difficult recovery and her regain the function she had lost,” said Curtis Jacobson, director of rehab at the facility. “This intense drive to work hard and make things happen was the reason she was able to begin walking again.”


When Jerome was discharged from therapy on May 17, she was walking from her room to the gym, a distance of 179 feet. She was once again at a functional level that her family was able to manage.


“From the beginning, Gladys was always willing to do whatever it took to develop the coordination and control she needed to function safely as before,” said Jacobson. “She could push past any barrier, seen or unseen.”