Brock Mitchell with Amanda Lovell, physical therapist assistant

When Brock Mitchell, a young man who had been in a severe motor vehicle accident, came to Life Care Center of Idaho Falls, Idaho, in May 2017, life seemed pretty bleak.


The accident had caused a low-level brain injury, which affected Mitchell in several ways. He required total assistance to transfer from one surface to another due to uncoordinated muscle movements. He struggled to communicate and started out in rehab only able to speak a few words. He was also battling depression.


Over time, Mitchell was able to participate more, using improved communication strategies he learned in speech therapy. His family rallied around him to provide emotional support and encouragement alongside the therapy and nursing teams.


As Mitchell took part in physical and occupational therapies, he also demonstrated improved control of movements, progressing to where he could sit, then stand. Soon he was able to walk in the parallel bars 2-3 feet with two to three people helping facilitate forward progression and standing balance.


Eventually, Mitchell was able to walk with crutches after a collaborative effort, including wonderful family support and an excellent rehab team effort. He was able to return home, a miracle considering his condition after his accident. 

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