Curtis Jacobson, director of rehab, with Pat Vrooman

Pat Vrooman has a long history of kidney and cardiac deficiencies.


By the time Vrooman came to Life Care Center of Idaho Falls, Idaho, on May 5, 2019, she had been in and out of nursing and rehab centers several times. She came to Life Care severely weak and unable to walk or transfer from one surface to another without difficulty. She had intense leg pain at times that would not even allow her to stand.


Vrooman took part in physical and occupational therapies. Rehab was tough for her, but after a few weeks she was able to walk in her room and in the hallways with a walker, showing significant progress in all areas of balance and coordination and activities of daily living.


After reaching this high point in her recovery, Vrooman experienced another medical setback. She lost strength and function, and the day of discharge seemed to elude her. Once again, she reset goals, and after an emotional battle, she was determined to reach her ultimate potential and make it to an assisted living facility, functionally independent.


Vrooman reached her goal and moved into assisted living on May 23.


“I feel better than I ever have!” Vrooman said.


Curtis Jacobson, director of rehab services, shared, “Her positive determination helped her reach what she knew she was capable of.”