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Life Care Centers of America honors associates who go above and beyond their job descriptions in caring for residents, their families and fellow associates. Here are three of the inspiring stories from our January 2019 winners:


Chelsee Brown, assistant director of nursing at Life Care Center of Idaho Falls, Idaho, took a special interest in a resident who had no family in the area. She took the resident home with her to share dinner with her family and also took her to her children’s wrestling matches and baseball games. When the resident was diagnosed with a terminal illness and expressed that she would love to have one last good steak, Brown and her family took the resident out for a steak dinner, fulfilling the resident’s wish before she passed away.


Mel Parent, certified nursing assistant at Life Care Center of Attleboro, Massachusetts, noticed that a resident’s wig was in need of care. He got her a new wig and made a big deal of how nice she looked, which made the resident feel happy with all the positive attention. He then took her old wig, washed it and curled it so it looks good again. Now the resident has options and can choose which wig she wants to wear each day.


Pammy Allison, certified nursing assistant at Life Care Center of Jefferson City, Tennessee, made a resident feel extra-special. When the resident shared that she was worried she didn’t have anything to give her daughter for Christmas, Allison invited her own daughter to come do a photoshoot of the resident. Allison helped the resident look her best for the pictures, and after the photos were taken, she had a framed print made for the resident to give to her daughter.